«Young Women’s Health» - Preventative - American Medical Centers (Lviv)

«Young Women’s Health» – Preventative

Preventive screening program
for adolescents

AMC Lviv offers «Young Women’s Health» Preventative package for adolescent females. Our highly qualified Child Gynecologist carefully and thoroughly explains each step of the exam process, and establishes a bond of trust and a long lasting relationship with a patient.

«Young Women’s Health» – Preventative

  • General consultation includes:
    • Consultation of Child Gynecologist, to include advanced review of lifelong medical history
  • Gynecological examination includes:
    Examination of a patient under14 y.o.is performed in the presence of her mother or a guardian; a patient over 14 y.o. must present her passport to complete health check.

    • Routine pelvic examination
    • Vaginal swap microscopy
    • PAP-test (cytology), if a patient is not a virgin
  • Pelvic ultrasound (transabdominal)
  • Follow-up consultation with gynecologist: discussion of results, development of treatment plan and recommendations.

Total cost: 100 USD

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