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Prenatal Package

We offer a package of care for pregnant women, which brings together both international and national standards of maternity care. Our obstetricians and gynaecologists are fully trained in modern ante-natal care and are available to discuss the care package with you. We work closely with our partner hospitals for the delivery of your child and have our managed care plans for your new-born child. Our Prenatal Package therefore offers a seamless system of care for you and your child. Through years of experience, we recognize some of the anxieties of pregnancy in another country and our specialists are very open to discuss these aspects of your care.


  • First obstetrician office visit: (includes extensive history, physical exam, and lab studies)
  • Scheduled follow-up Obstetrician visits (approximately 13 visits)
  • General Physician’s Consultation
  • Consultation of Ophthalmologist or Endocrinologist (if prescribed)
  • Quantitative ßHCG x 2
  • Urinalysis (each visit) x 13
  • Tests for Infections
    • HIV (AIDS antibody screen) x 2
    • VDRL (Syphilis screen) x 2
    • Herpes (HSV) Ig G, Ig M
    • Toxoplasma (Ig G, Ig M)
    • Cytomegalovirus (Ig G, Ig M)
    • Rubella (Ig G, Ig M)
    • Chlamydia (Ig G, Ig M)
    • HBsAg (Hepatitis B virus antigen)
    • Hepatitis C (general antibodies)
    • Vaginal Gram Stain
    • Group B Streptococcus
    • Urine Culture
  • Coagulogram (to check for blood clotting)
  • Blood Group and Rhesus Factor Typing
  • CBC (Complete Blood Counts) x 3
  • Renal and Liver Profile (Kidney & Liver function)
  • Blood glucose (Diabetes check)
  • Anemia Panel (if prescribed)
  • AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein screen–Nucleon – to check for some foetal abnormalities)
  • Serum Estriol level, Progesterone
  • Pap Smear
  • GTT (Glucose tolerance test screen for diabetes of pregnancy)
  • TSH, T3, T4 (T check for thyroid dysfunction)
  • ECG (To check for heart enlargement and rhythm abnormalities)
  • Prenatal Ultrasound examinations x 5
  • Cardiotocography (Heart rate of baby)
  • Biophysical Profile


* Any additional lab studies, specialist consultations, diagnostics, or procedures will be provided in a separate invoice

** A separate invoice will be made for all medications

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  • Уляна БАЛУХ
  • Dr. Uliana BALUKH
  • Dr. Lev KRAVTSIV
  • Dr. Alina VASYLIUK
  • Dr. Bogdan VITER
  • Dr. Vira BOICHUK
  • Dr. Oksana LEBEDEVYCH
  • Dr. Oksana MARCHAK
  • Dr. Julia DRATVER
  • Dr. Ivan TERLEZKYI
  • Dr. Marianna KOCHERKEVYCH
  • Dr. Oksana KOVALSKA
  • Dr. Olena MOLCHANOVA
  • Dr. Natalia MAYEVSKA
  • Dr. Olena PASICHNYK
  • Dr. Yuriy YANKOVSKY
  • Dr. Iryna OSMILOVSKA
  • Family Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatricians
  • Ultrasound
  • Other
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