Healthy Child - medical care program from AMC Lviv

Healthy Child

Schedule of Health Services

American Medical Centers Healthy Child Program provides the following ambulatory healthcare benefits to children:

  • Pediatrician consultations and treatment
  • Nurse consultations and treatment
  • Specialist consultations (with AMC physician referral)
  • Prescribed outpatient medical procedures
  • Prescribed diagnostic testing (x-rays, ultrasound, except MRI)
  • Prescribed laboratory investigations (except Allergy panel)
  • 24-hour ambulance services ordered by AMC physician
  • Physiotherapy (3 sessions)
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  • Dr. Oleh Strutynsky
  • Dr. Oksana LEBEDEVYCH
  • Dr. Oksana MARCHAK
  • Dr. Julia DRATVER
  • Dr. Ivan TERLEZKYI
  • Dr. Ivanna BILOUS
  • Dr. Lesya TYHA
  • Dr. Marianna KOCHERKEVYCH
  • Dr. Maxym PRYKUPENKO
  • Dr. Oksana KOVALSKA
  • Dr. Olena MOLCHANOVA
  • Dr. Olena PASICHNYK
  • Dr. Yuriy YANKOVSKY
  • Dr. Iryna OSMILOVSKA
  • Family Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatricians
  • Ultrasound
  • Other
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