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Health & Wellness Premium

Schedule of Health Services



Outpatient Services
Pediatrician and nurse consultations and related medical procedures, including 1 annual preventative basic checkup Full
Specialist physician referrals (by AMC referral only) Full
Radiology services (X-Ray, ultrasound, gastroscopy, endoscopy, colonoscopy, except MRI) by AMC referral only Full
Laboratory services (except allergy panel, vitamins, DNA testing) by AMC referral only Full
Annual Flu Vaccination Free
Urgent Care Services
24-hour access to AMC medical staff. Services include physician and nurse consultations, AMC medical procedures, X-Rays, laboratory tests, outpatient emergency treatment. Full
Hospital Services
Hospitalization fees to include necessary surgical procedures, nursing procedures, X-Rays, laboratory tests, pre-admission testing, medications and I.V. therapy.  English-speaking nurse will be provided upon request of patient. Overall care is directed and supervised by AMC care providers. Does not include planned procedure admissions or pre-existing conditions admissions. 5 days
Home Health Care Services
Scheduled home visits. Services include home medical procedures provided by AMC physician and nurse. Scheduled home visits are based on AMC physician or nurse availability and approval by reception or AMC physician. 5 visits
Emergency Hospitalization and Medical Evacuation
Emergency hospitalization by an AMC physician includes ambulance transportation within local area to the AMC or to the hospitals referred by AMC. The program includes coordination of medical evacuation (if not covered by other insurance), but does not cover the cost of treatment abroad. Full
  • Reduced fees on chronic (pre-existing) conditions diagnostics and treatment, reduced fees on MRI and other services not included above.
  • 25, 000 USD Total Coverage per person, according to AMC Member Rates.
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  • Dr. Vira Boichuk
  • Dr. Oleh Strutynsky
  • Dr. Oksana LEBEDEVYCH
  • Dr. Oksana MARCHAK
  • Dr. Julia DRATVER
  • Dr. Ivan TERLEZKYI
  • Dr. Ivanna SOROKA
  • Dr. Lesya TYHA
  • Dr. Marianna KOCHERKEVYCH
  • Dr. Maxym PRYKUPENKO
  • Dr. Oksana KOVALSKA
  • Dr. Olena MOLCHANOVA
  • Dr. Olena PASICHNYK
  • Dr. Yuriy YANKOVSKY
  • Dr. Iryna OSMILOVSKA
  • Family Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatricians
  • Ultrasound
  • Other
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