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The Longer We Stay Different, The Longer We Stay Together

In this article we will touch upon the eternal subject of relationships between men and women. So what is the secret of mutual understanding or attraction? Why are some liked by everybody while others can’t manage «to keep» even one? What is it that comes naturally for some and yet stays a mystery for others?

Firstly, we need to learn an axiom: «Man should hunt; woman should be liked.» That is what gives the source of sexual energy. By nature, a woman is not just a gatherer but a catch for the hunter man. That inspires him, arouses, and fills him with passion and the taste for and of life. The same thing happens to her. She feels more confident and more sexual when she knows that she is attractive that she is wanted. As soon as they stop following their roles, or switch their roles, the relationship fire is extinguished, and that is the beginning of the end. Now the most common mistakes and delusions.

Mistake #1. Personal affinity, becoming the closest relatives or friends. As soon as we become inseparable friends, we become gender-neutral! The interest toward each other will inevitably start to fade.

Mistake #2. To insist, to beg and to demand love from one another by all possible and impossible means. This only causes disgust. The question why don’t you love me?… give me flowers? … and so on does not necessarily have an answer.

Mistake #3. Broken Expectations. One chronically expects something from the partner, never telling him or her about it. Simple scenario: She gets off ended, he doesn’t understand, she continues to expect, he’s indignant, it becomes a snowball, and interest fades. Or when most women expect that he would change or will change sometime later in their lives; that he will finally start to understand her and to see all her sacrifices and efforts and her beauty or when most men expect that some day she will wake up in the morning looking and acting like a perfect lover… Never!!!

The list of course can be continued: envy, jealousy, work, kids, tiredness, girlfriends, boyfriends, age, problems, parents, dissatisfaction, career, sex, money, alcohol, diseases… All of those can effect the relationship disastrously, but that is a topic for the next article. For now, lets remember that it takes two to tango and that we should remember: the key is in constant, healthy communication with each other, in mutual understanding, respect and in our axiom.

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