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Take Care of Your Heart

Today’s life is intense and varied; it gives many opportunities for self-fulfillment and provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment. But there is a downside we experience: air pollution, traffic problems, trauma, stress, poor nutrition and a rapid speed of life and a lack of exercise. All these factors quietly but steadily erode men’s health.

Mostly in our modern lifestyle it is men who suffer from heart disease – according to statistics, diseases of this kind have increased threefold over the past 25 years. And nearly every second man is at risk. A typical image of the cardiology patient is a man older than 40-45 years experiencing emotional stress, smoking and perhaps also suffering from hypertension, diabetes or obesity. In order to understand how your heart copes with the pace of life AMC’s experts offer for all men who have reached the fortieth anniversary a small test. The test may show that it is advisable to make a consultation with a cardiologist.

How well does your heart work?

1. In 30 seconds can you lean forward without bending your knees, getting your fingertips to the floor? The rate for men under 45 – 50 years – 20 times, for men over 50 years – 12 times.

Yes – 0, no – 2

2. A few minutes after exercise, count your pulse. Is your result less than 100 beats per minute?

Yes – 0, no – 2

3. Can you stand for a minute on one leg?

Yes – 0, no – 2

4. Climb the stairs to the second floor. Count the pulse: the number of heart beats per minute should not exceed the difference between the number 180 and your age.

Yes – 0, no – 2

5. Quick walk around the room. Stop, count your pulse. It fits into the difference between the number 180 minus your age?

Yes – 0, no – 2

Do you agree with these statements?

6. The last couple of years I have no complaints about health. If I picked up a cold, I suffer no longer than 2 weeks

Yes – 0, it is difficult to say – 1, no – 2

7. I have a normal body weight.

Yes – 0, not sure – 1, no – 2

8. Blood pressure in my normal: at rest, not more than 130-140/80-90 mm Hg. Art.

Yes–0, not always – 1, no–2

9. I always sleep well, at least 6 hours per day

Yes – 0, not always – 1, no – 2

10. I had no close relatives with heart attacks, or heart disease.

Yes – 0, no answer – 1 no – 2

11. Not less than 3 times a week I do sports or walk actively.

Yes – 0, sometimes – 1, no – 2

12. At least a couple of times a week I eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I limit the intake of fatty and sweet food.

Yes – 0, not always – 1, no – 2

13. I do not smoke, I drink no more than 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day, alcohol – in moderation, no more than once a week.

Yes–0, not always – 1, no–2

14. After a hard day at work in the evening I relax and rest at home for at least an hour.

Yes–0, rarely – 1, no–2

15. I try not to cause conflict and if disputes arise I try to resolve them immediately without becoming stressed

Yes – 0, sometimes – 1, no – 2

16. For mild ailments I try not to use strong drugs.

Yes – 0, as is necessary – 1, no – 2

From 0 to 10 points. You take care of your health, and that is why it is in good order. In the visible future cardiac ailments do not threaten you.

From 11 to 19 points. You are not taking good care of your heart. Walk often and modify your diet, consult a physician or cardiologist about preventing heart disease.

From 20 points or more. Your heart and blood vessels may already be in danger! While trouble has not yet happened you should urgently consult with a cardiologist for a thorough assessment and examination.

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