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Mindful Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a great opportunity to take your time. Try to avoid over-scheduling and block off some time for yourself. Your body will appreciate it and your baby (whether inside or outside) can sense your anxiety, so will also be grateful.

All About BORAGE

Borage – a fuzzy-leaved herb with sky-blue flowers and a light cucumber taste can be used in fruit salads, green salads or frozen in ice cubes for cold drinks.

Plant source of gamma-linolenic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) and the seed oil is often marketed as a GLA supplement.
Source of B vitamins, beta-carotene, fiber, choline, and, trace minerals.
Borage seed oil is used for skin disorders including eczema (atopic dermatitis), seborrheic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis.
Borage is used for stimulating breast milk production; thus it can be used to relieve stress.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is all about chocolate and sweets. However, using some of these tips will keep your kids, party guests, or trick-or-treaters happy and healthy! Here’s to a healthier Halloween! AMC  wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!

AMC: Bringing Patient-Driven Care to Georgia

American Medical Centers Georgia opened its first Georgian facility last year, combining the latest in Western medicine practices with highly educated and qualified local physicians. spoke with AMC Group president Alex Sokol about medical care in Georgia and what AMC brings to the healthcare market. Read more ->  

Primary food

This is a unique nutrition theory! People who eat healthy are not always necessarily healthy. They may try to get the exact right amount of flax seed oil, or try to drink only bottled water, or have only super foods for breakfast.Yet others would eat literally “garbage”, like we’ve all seen at a party or in a…

Tick fever

With a week of sunshine and winter well behind us our thoughts quickly turn to our summer holidays. Each year throughout the summer months I and my colleagues see patients who have developed illnesses on holiday which have caused much anxiety, destroyed everyone’s pleasure and  often been costly in terms of traveling home early and…

Keep Your Child Well at School — Part II (Infectious Diseases)

Protecting Kids From Disease A schoolroom full of children is an ideal environment for disease transmission. Many school systems or local health departments require that children have a full set of immunizing shots before they go to school. Polio, measles, mumps, rubella or German measles, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, meningitis, chickenpox and hepatitis B may…

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