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Wuhan Virus

Dr Richard Styles FRCGP Chief Medical Officer, AMC Group   With a continuing number of cases of Wuhan virus – some 7,711 in China there is obviously continued concern about the spread of virus, although to date very few cases have been diagnosed in Europe and none in the countries where AMC Clinics operate –…

Be Careful: Tick Season.

With onset of warm sunny days, along with a season of walks in parks and picnics in forests, the activity of ticks raises. The peak activity of ticks is usually registered in two periods: May-June and August-September. While the bite of these little creatures is not harmful itself, the danger is in ticks’ ability to transmit pathogens of viral and bacterial diseases.

Are Vaccines Safe?

Statistics show that 95 out of 100 children will not fall sick even being in direct contact with an infection if they had been vaccinated on time. Still, often parents refuse recommended vaccinations and consider them dangerous or are concerned about side-effects or reactions such as:

Health Benefits of Chess

Chess stimulates the growth of dendrites, the bodies that send out signals from the brain’s neuron cells. With more dendrites, neural communication within the brain improves and becomes faster. Studies show that playing chess caused increased performance in reading.

Measles outbreak 2019

Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that is spread through the air by breathing, coughing, or sneezing. From the 28th of December 2018 to the 3rd of January, 2,305 people contracted measles in Ukraine — 966 adults and 1,339 children.

Edible Flowers – Pansies

It is assumed that the flower’s three colors represent the following: memories, loving thoughts, and souvenirs. These plants have a mild, fresh flavor, and the easiest way to take pansies is as a tea.

Preventative Diagnostic Tests Each Person Should Complete

Here’s a list of the essential tests that should be started in your 30s. Complete Blood Count (CBC): It is used to diagnose anaemia, infections, certain types of cancer, and so on.
Blood Pressure Test: A reading below 120/80 is ideal. Blood Sugar Test: Helps to detect diabetes.
Lipid Profile: Helps to evaluate your heart health, and measures the total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL levels. ECG Test: Checks for the risk of heart disease.
Liver Function Test: Screens for liver conditions, such as alcohol-induced liver damage, fatty liver, Hepatitis C and B.

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