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Dr. Olga Tychkivska


Dr. Tychkivska obtained her specialization in pediatrics at the Lviv National Medical University in 2011 and soon after started working at the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital. In 2012, Dr. Tychkivska participated in CME training at the Kansas University Medical School (Wichita, Kansas, USA).

In December 2014, Dr.Tychkivska was appointed AMC Lviv’s Chief Pediatrician. Dr. Tychkivska is passionate about volunteering, and she donates her time and resources to help and assist underprivileged Ukrainian children seeking hospital care abroad. She is also the author of numerous articles in neonatology and pediatric neurology and is currently working on her Ph.D. Thesis. Dr. Tychkivska is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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